2017 Pixels of Fury


I entered the Pixels of Fury contest with a strong sense of panic & hand spasms, as I had never done anything like this before. The brief was set, & the experience turned out to be very similar to some of my day job projects. Fast-paced, loud, & intimidating but fun. ;)


Round 1

The initial brief that we were provided was a simple statement: "A travel poster to a far away planet." I wanted to create something that captured the bewilderment of space, with something that most people are familiar with: bike riding. Using Shutterstock's vast library of images, I created a custom astronaut-cycling outfit for the fake event "Race the Rings" which would have visitors race around Saturn's rings for fun. 

Round 2

This round was definitely more challenge, as myself & Candace, my opponent, were told we were to design space suits for our events a mere 10 minutes before we were to begin. A quick brain storm started and we were off to the computers to design our pieces. Using some more of Shutterstock's great assets, I created an "astro-camo" suit that would help hide riders from aliens & encourage some sort of safety while riding in space. 


The final round was close! Candace pulled off a great design, I was unsure of the outcome. I came out victorious in the end & had a bit of fun doing it. Thanks to all who came out to support me and to the other contestants for this!