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Our team was tasked with creating the overarching creative idea, tagline, look, and initial social strategy for a new brand called DrinkLQD. They’re a collective of brewmasters and curious creators who are inspired by the transformative power of fermentation, based out of Oregon.

With a beauty in something being so hard to create, with such a simple list of ingredients, we felt that this introduced what the product is in the most easy to understand way, thus introducing the tagline: Hard & Simple.

Role: Lead Creative/Sr. Art Director
Creative Director: Andrew Ushakov
Copywriter: Johnny Gomolka
Art Director: Julie DaMario
3-D Artist: Kevin Companey

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For each product, we designed a look that would be unique to the flavor profiles, as well as bring a sense of organic art into play.

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Along with the specific product designs, we introduced an overarching visual design that could be used as an umbrella visual, when LQD is speaking about the entire family of products. This black on black play helped the flavor profiles be the hero of the design.

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